Perception Pescador 10′ Kayak


The perfect kayak designed with stability and capacity in mind. The short length and light weight design allows for easy transportation for the solo paddler. Call for color availability.

Can deliver for free within 2 hours of our retail shop in Pulaski, VA., call 540.230.2023 for more information. 

The perfect sit-on-top kayak designed to be the best all-around kayak for the money. Designed with unmatched stability, speed, and straight-tracking performance. The 325 lb. capacity rating is packed into a 10-foot kayak that allows for plenty storage for you and your gear. Due to it’s short length and lightweight design, transportation is made easier and maneuverability increases. The Pescador is designed with ample storage, fish-ready features, and comfortable seating to keep you on the water for longer. Available in Funkadelic, Moss/ Camo, Red Tiger Camo, Sea Spray, Sunset, and Deja Vu color options.


Deja Vu, Funkadelic, Moss/ Camo, Red Tiger Camo, Sea Spray, Sunset