Perception Pescador Pilot 12′ Kayak


The perfect fishing kayak designed with a Pilot Drive propeller system, driven my pedaling with your feet! This frees up your hands to allow for more casting and fishing. Call for color availability.

Can deliver for free within 2 hours of our retail shop in Pulaski, VA. call 540.230.2023 for more information. 

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Kayak with superior stability and fishing performance to making it the ultimate boat for paddlers of all abilities. The Pilot Drive propeller system effortlessly propels the boat while leaving both hands free. Designed with a spacious sit-on-top layout with generous storage and accessory mounts, making the kayak easy to customize to your specific needs. The stability allows for casting from a standing position! The roomy captain’s chair features zonal mesh to allow cooling airflow where you need it most. On-the-fly seatback adjustment tilts back for relaxed pedaling or forwards for sportier pedaling. Available in Sonic Camo, Moss Camo, Red Tiger Camo, and Sunset color options.


Moss/ Camo, Red Tiger Camo, Sonic Camo, Sunset


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